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Before Hiring a Freelance Writer: a 3-Step Checklist

1. Define your project. The basics include what, when, why, and who: what you need, when you need it, why you need it (the project's objective), and who will read it. The scope of the writer's involvement is also important. Are you seeking well-written words, or well-written words plus strategic marketing insight? Do you need editing assistance, or a completely fresh approach? Will you provide the information needed, or will the project rely on the writer's own research? Tight, detailed project parameters mean tight, accurate quotes from freelancers.

2. Know your budget. Freelance writers charge fees similar to those of other professional service providers. If you don't have even a rough budget in mind, you could end up overpaying to complete a project piecemeal, or not having the funds to get the job done right.

3. Check with your accountant. There may be forms that must be filled out to enter a new vendor in your accounting system. You'll need to give these forms to your chosen freelancer before starting work. These may include an independent contractor or work-for-hire agreement, purchase order, NDA (non-disclosure agreement), or IRS Form W-9. Note that hiring a freelance writer means you file a Form 1099-MISC, not a Form W-2 as you do with employees. For more information, see Are You Hiring a Freelance Writer? Or a Temporary Employee? and Common Payment Practices When Hiring a Freelance Writer.

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