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A Freelance Writer on Choosing a Freelance Writer

An online search for "freelance writer" turns up more than 16 million hits. How do you choose which one of those 16 million writers is the right one for you?

Well, my first suggestion is to choose the freelance writer from this website who's most-suited to your particular project! However, you may want to evaluate more candidates. Here's a way to choose from different freelance writers, and it's simple as ABC: A for ability, B for business-like behavior, and C for chemistry.

A is for Ability
Beyond basic writing competence, find out which writers have handled similar projects. Look at their past work for other clients and publications. When evaluating experience, it's just as important that your writer has handled projects of similar type and magnitude as projects in a similar industrial category. If your project is a 500-page technical user manual, look for a writer who can stay on top of such a job. If your project is a sales piece, look for a copywriter who has an excellent track record generating sales. If your project requires lots of interviewing, look for a writer who excels at drawing interesting stories out of interview subjects and capturing personalities in print.

B is for Business-like Behavior
You don't want to hire writers who are too busy being artistes or holding down day jobs to focus on your needs. Your projects deserve professional freelance writers who are actually in business. Remember, you're going to have to work with them, day in, day out. So: how promptly do they return your phone calls and emails? How easy are they to get hold of during normal business hours? Are they friendly and knowledgeable when you talk to them? These all indicate a level of professionalism, which, in turn, indicates whether the writer can be trusted to deliver what you need, when you need it. Freelancers who are difficult to work with before you even engage their services seldom improve after being hired.

C is for Chemistry
Life's too short to work with people you don't like, particularly on a freelance basis. Make sure your writer's personality meshes well with yours - and those of the other people on your team. Yes, this is an entirely subjective judgment call. However, it's a very important one. A mismatched personality, no matter how monumentally talented, can wreck your whole project. So, where you can, choose to work with people you like.

Looking at these three areas helps you identify the best choice for you when choosing a freelance writer. Having a professional writer on call is a valuable business asset and a smart choice, if you choose well.

John Kuraoka has been a freelance advertising copywriter for more than 26 years, serving clients and ad agencies worldwide. He hopes you'll choose him for your next project.