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Client Testimonials Attract New Business

Do your clients tell you that they loved the job you did for them? Do you wish you could use those words of praise to boost your business? Are you unsure of where to start? Are you too busy or shy to collect client quotes yourself? Hiring a freelance publicity writer could do the trick. It's a one-time service that will attract customers for years to come.

A specialized freelance writer who has experience with customer feedback surveys will work with you to design a set of questions that you want answered. You provide the list of people they should contact, and then wait for the feedback to come in. Most of the comments will likely be positive, and you can use those for your brochures, advertising copy, and website. Even negative feedback will be beneficial to help you improve customer satisfaction.

It's difficult for consumers to choose which company they should work with. Often, they have a list of names from the Internet or the phone book. They need something that gives them more information about your services. Reading what others have said about your company helps people decide to hire you. It gives your business credibility, and saves potential customers the need to call references for feedback. They often come to the conclusion that since so many people have said such nice things about you, you must be great at what you do.

Benefits of using positive client feedback in advertising:

  • Set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Save new clients the hassle of calling references
  • Save your references from being bothered too much
  • Give potential new clients specific feedback so they have more information about your company

Client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. An experienced freelance writer helps you get them and use them for maximum effect in attracting new business.

Judy Meyer is experienced in performing client feedback surveys to obtain glowing quotes for company brochures and web sites. Check out her web site to read rave reviews from her clients.