San Diego Freelance Writers

Hiring a Freelance Writer for Your Business

Marketing is a never-ending challenge. You need a brochure written, a website updated, an ad campaign created. Then, you've been meaning to write up a press release, get out a newsletter, draft a white paper ... there's more to do than you have the time or staff to get done.

That's when hiring a freelance writer can make your workday go a lot better.

By outsourcing projects to a freelancer, you instantly get an experienced, professional writer working for you. But, you pay only for the work you need done. None of your budget gets eaten away by taxes, benefits, or office space.

Not only do you save money, but you also save time. Right from the start, professional freelance writers know how to write clearly, simply, and persuasively. Their job is to deliver positive results, on your deadline.

Hiring a freelance writer is a ready-made, cost-effective way to meet pressing needs. Call on a freelancer to:

  • support a new product or service launch, providing everything from naming and promotional concepts to press releases and launch kit copy
  • write trade show materials, from booth signage and hand-outs to program ads
  • write a brochure or sales kit
  • develop and write white papers and case studies
  • develop an ad campaign
  • re-write and update existing marketing materials
  • write a press release announcing your latest company, product, or service news
  • edit draft copy for grammar, style, and clarity

In addition, a freelance writer brings an outsider's point of view to your marketing communications. You can tap into a well of fresh thinking, any time. That makes a freelancer a corporate resource you can depend on year-round to:

  • fuel your marketing with a constant flow of fresh ideas
  • raise your company's profile in the press - and in the community - with positive human interest stories and feature stories
  • keep your website current with continually updated web content
  • maintain relationships with customers through ongoing mailers and newsletters

Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, hiring a freelance writer means your project gets started now. So start now. Hire a freelance writer!

Freelance advertising copywriter John Kuraoka has more than 26 years experience as a writer for ad agencies, design firms, and clients worldwide. Call him at (619) 465-6100.