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Get Content for Your Web Site and Climb Up the Search Engine Rankings

It's no secret that web site search engines love fresh and relevant content: new additions to your site will boost search popularity. As you may have found, it's easier said than done to find articles that will draw potential clients, and also keep them interested in returning to your site. You could do one of several things to get fresh content:

1. You could write articles yourself, but that would take energy and time away from your primary business. One of the key factors of success is to focus on what you do, and letting other people take over where your knowledge is limited. If you've ever spent hours of your valuable time trying to learn about accounting or building a web site, you know what I mean. Looking back, people often find it would have been much quicker to hire a professional.

2. You may also consider hiring a freelancer to write original content specific to your needs. If you give your potential clients useful information about a question they have, you will entice them to use your services.

3. Another possibility, which is often underutilized, is the easy and cost-effective method of purchasing reprint rights of a previously published article. You may just find that there is an article already written that would be perfect for your site. Try contacting the writer to see if you can have permission to reprint it. Most writers are flattered at such a request, and glad that it will be used for more than just one purpose. They will most likely only charge a fraction of what they charged for its first use. Also, since the article is already written, you don't have to wait for it - you can insert it into your newsletter or web site right away.

Reprints are a fast, easy, and cost effective means to spice up your web site and keep your customers coming back for more. Check out our reprints section to see if one of the articles there would be a perfect fit for your web site or newsletter.

Judy Meyer has worked as a writer, proofreader, copyeditor, developmental editor, and book acquisitions editor. Her specialties include non-fiction articles, book reviews, and web site content. Check out for more information about her freelance editorial services.