San Diego Freelance Writers

Hiring a Writer for Your Brochure

You know your business. You know your industry. You know your products and services.

All of which is why it's smart to hire a freelance copywriter to write your brochures. By hiring a freelancer, you combine your expertise with the expertise of a professional writer.

That pays off in important ways. For instance, freelance writers bring an outside perspective to your marketing materials. In fact, they share the same point of view as your potential customers: outside looking in.

At the same time, freelance copywriters are experts in communication and persuasion.

So, complex technical innovations are expressed in words readers will understand. Dry specifications and statistics are translated into juicy benefits. Unique features come to life in ways that ring true to your target audience.

The net result, is to make your brochure more-effective. Freelance writers are experts at using words to spark interest, kindle desire ... and fire up sales. Your brochure changes from a passive conveyer of information, to an active persuader of customers.

Also, by hiring a freelance writer, your brochure gets written on-time. A freelancer's job is to write, on-demand!

Although you can hire a freelance writer to write entire brochures from scratch, your brochures - and you - can reap significant benefits with smaller, fix-up jobs too. Call on a freelancer to provide an impartial review of a copy draft, for example, or to update an existing brochure, or to edit a large brochure into a tri-fold mailer. You'll move those projects off your desk and get copy written by a pro thrown into the bargain!

Or, hire a freelance writer for only part of your brochure. One of the most cost-effective ways to use a freelance copywriter, is to put a professional touch on important brochure copy elements such as headlines, subheads, captions, and taglines. These can improve the effectiveness of your brochure far out of proportion to their word count.

So, if you have products or services that are out there without the support of well-written sales materials, the solution is simple. Hire a freelance brochure copywriter!

John Kuraoka writes brochures that focus on meeting the needs of clients and their customers. The first step, is to call him at (619) 465-6100 for an initial consultation.